Sloe gin – the bottling

It has been two months since I combined sloes, gin, sugar, almonds and a little ginger into a demijohn in order to kick-off my own bumper batch of sloe gin. If you missed it the first time, go and read about the making of sloe gin in my prior post.

Anyway, with Christmas only a week away, I thought it was high time that I bottled this stuff.

First, I strained the whole mix through a muslin bag to catch the sloes, almonds, ginger and the coarser bits of detritus.

Second, I shoved it in the bottles that the gin came in.

There you have it, not the most exciting process, but a faithful account.

Before you think that this is the shortest washout post on this whole blog, don’t worry, there is a little more to tell.

I tried a few sloes, thinking that they might have lost their bitter edge and be quite sweet and tasty. Bleagh, how wrong was I? They were still as bitter as anything I have ever tasted and were underpinned by a harsh alcoholic taste.

This didn’t really bode well for the finished product. I threw that muck in the compost bin (which might set the microbial ecosystem back a few weeks with the alcohol content) and set about trying the drink instead of the waste-product.

The sloe gin itself was rather tasty; ┬áit was sweet with a slightly tart tail and has a warming medicinal quality to it. The flavour was dripping with that almond-like cherry quality with a subtle foundation of juniper. The ginger wasn’t really that evident, but it must contribute in some subtle way.

I have three full litre bottles of sloe gin now and it is supposed to improve significantly with age as well. I will likely lay a couple down under the stairs for next Christmas and guzzle the other over this festive period. I will also, in a subsequent post be comparing it to Sipsmith Sloe Gin and maybe Plymouth (if I can get some in time).

Gin gin.

Edit – 19/01/11: A quick note of thanks to my Dad for pointing out one instance of me using the word “slow” instead of “sloe”. Oops.


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