Libbey Martini Chiller

Libbey Martini Chiller

Libbey Martini Chiller

Having started experimenting with martinis, I thought I should invest in a proper martini glass.

Now, a martini needs to be cold, and it needs to stay cold, but I am a fairly slow drinker. So, having a look around I found what looked to be the ideal solution; the Libbey Martini Chiller.

With no stem, making it harder to break, and an ice bowl for the glass to sit in, this seemed like the ideal choice. It also goes in the dishwasher, which is an “absolute must” in our house.

At first, I was a little worried that this is more gimmick than useful glassware, but having quaffed a few martinis in this glass now, I am a convert. I have found that putting a combination of ice and water in the bowl keeps the drink cooler. I should imagine crushed ice would work well too, but I haven’t got around to trying this.

After a good long session on various martinis, drinks toward the end of the evening were taking up to an hour to go down, and the last sip was as cool as the first. Very nice. Drinking from the glass is a pleasing blend of drinking from a martini glass and a bowl (I like drinking bowls) and, while it could be my ego filling in the gaps, it felt somewhat sophisticated. Okay, okay, it is just a glass, let’s not go over the top.

The only real downside is that the bowl attracts a great deal of condensation and you need an absorbent pad for it to sit on. I ruined a cheap coaster by leaving the bowl on it overnight with ice and water in. The condensation pooled on the coaster (and under it), soaking in to it and causing it to swell.

Still, quirky drawbacks aside, I am pretty pleased with this.



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