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The Jammy Cow

The Jammy Cow

I recently acquired a new twitter follower with an interesting name; The Jammy Cow (@thejammycow). As with most new followers, I checked-out the profile page  and found a company with some remarkable products. You see, The Jammy Cow sells jam, and interesting jam at that.

I love good jam, and marmalade is even better. You can keep your standard strawberry jam or off-the-shelf orange marmalade but Carrot & Cardamom Marmalade? Now that floats my boat. And guess what? The Jammy Cow sell Gin & Tonic Marmalade!

I placed an order that very same evening and I was very excited a few days later when a box of jam arrived at my door.

Gin & Tonic Marmalade

The gin and tonic marmalade was the thing that really drove me to order. The idea of a G&T that I could spread on toast had me squirming in anticipation and it was the first thing I tried on opening the package.

In some ways, this was my least favourite of my purchases; but that isn’t saying that it wasn’t good, because it was. It is a lemon and lime marmalade with a subtle hint of juniper and quinine. It’s very subtle but it’s definitely there. The fruit and the G&T ingredients give it a clear sharpness that prevents it being just another marmalade and there is this underlying recognition, almost Pavilovian, of the G&T.

All-in-all, a top-class marmalade.

Kiwi, Lime and Ginger Jam

The Jammy Cow website describes this a green fruit pastilles in jam form, and it wasn’t wrong. It doesn’t end there though; swimming among the lumps of jamified (is that a real word?) kiwi, there are chunks of lime peel and ginger. These add a real complexity and variance of flavour to what, at first taste, is already a cracking jam; each mouthful is different. This isn’t a sweet, cloying jam either, it’s pretty tart and the sharp flavours cut through the sugar very well indeed.

Ruby Grapefruit & Cranberry Marmalade with Port

I love grapefruit marmalade. To me it is the king of marmalades. Make it ruby grapefruit I am sold. But then, adding cranberry and port, turns a great marmalade into a work of genius.

You can smell the port as soon as you open the jar. The marmalade is a deep, rich red in colour, qualities that carry through to the flavour too. The port really ties it all together and makes this an utterly indulgent experience. This stuff wouldn’t be out of place in Harrods or Fortnum & Mason.

Carrot & Cardamom Marmalade

Carrot is a brave choice for a preserve, but I couldn’t resist trying it. It ticked two key boxes for me, 1) it’s quirky, and 2) it has cardamom in.

I wasn’t disappointed. The carrot & cardamom marmalade is probably my best purchase of the year so far. The cardamom is clear and powerful and the carrot makes a surprisingly good base for a “marmalade” (as The Jammy Cow points out, this is technically not a marmalade).

Eat this stuff on toast, eat it with a curry, eat it with cheese, eat it by the spoonful, straight from the jar in a joyful feeding frenzy that leaves your heart pumping at 120 beats per minute, pupils like pin-pricks and sugar-shakes so bad that you are incapable of lifting the spoon to your mouth for the next hour.

Please note, heart palpitations are a sure sign of having eaten way too much jam.

The carrot and cardamom marmalade is a clear winner for me. In only a week (one where I was away on business for two days) I have pretty much finished that whole jar, and I am willing to bet that half a jar went on that first day. My only regret is my diet.

There were some other jams and marmalades that sounded lovely, but I thought that filling the house with jam as well as gin wouldn’t win me any favours with the wife. Still, I have to place at least one more order for some elderflower and gooseberry jam, as this was out of stock when I ordered – but elderflower season is almost upon us.

If you like jam, go there and buy jam. If you like making your own jam, check-out The Jammy Cow Blog (there are recipes).


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