Larios Gin

I bought this bottle of Larios Gin in a Tenerife airport around this time last year. Every shop that had a booze shelf seemed to stock it, and every bar had it on-optic; it was as ubiquitous as Gordon’s is in the UK. So, when I saw a one-litre bottle in the airport, on-offer for around £9, I had to pick a bottle up.

Larios Gin
Larios Gin

The bottle is nothing exciting with a metal screw-cap and a slightly generic label that reminds me of a Boddingtons beer-pump badge.

As with many budget gins, details are hard to come by. I managed to get the following list of botanicals from Difford’s Guide…

  • juniper
  • lemon
  • bitter oranges
  • coriander
  • cinnamon
  • almonds

So, without much else to waffle about, I guess I should just get on with talking about the gin.


The aroma of Larios is a little disappointing; the scent of alcohol is as predominant as the juniper. There’s an smell of citrus, possibly lemon.


Again, the taste of neat Larios is a bit of a disappointment. In many ways, it mirrors the aroma, in that the alcohol is very prominent and quite harsh and the juniper takes a back seat. Where it differs from the aroma is the citrus; it’s far more evident in the neat taste and really dominates. There’s very little in the way of spice, with possibly a hint of coriander hidden in all that lemon.


In a gin and tonic, Larios begins to wake up a bit. The juniper notes are still very subtle but the citrus absolutely explodes. It changes into much more of a sweet orange flavour and it goes very well with the Fever-tree tonic water to provide a very luscious drink. The finish is quite a long one and has a marmalade bitterness to it. There’s still a lot missing though; it’s a bit mild and one-dimensional.

It isn’t a great G&T, in that I prefer a much greater juniper pay-load and it has a certain lack of character, but considering this gin costs next-to-nothing, it isn’t a bad tipple. If you like citrus-heavy gins and a weaker juniper-profile, Larios will certainly make an acceptable quaffing gin.


5 thoughts on “Larios Gin”

  1. I agree with your assessment of Larios. However, Larios makes a premium gin that comes in a dark blue 70cm bottle. It is more expensive but, well worth it. I think you would approve.

  2. I got this Gin first in Italy and we mixed it with Schwepps Tonic Water – for me it is a perfect G&T, I can trink this like “water” but the be honest, we (me and my wife) like citrus-heavy gins, especially on a summer evening, when the weather is fine and hot.

    there is also a Larios Premium 12 in a blue bottle, I do not taste too much difference and it is also still a little citrus-heavy 😉

  3. I am a British expat living in Spain since 2001 and this is my absolute favourite tipple. Clearly judging from other comments our taste buds are all different as I find this gin dry and flavoursome with great citrus undertones. Loads of ice in the glass, copious amounts of lemon and lemon juice added to a serious measure of Larios and you have the perfect sundowner. Cheers

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