Juniper Green Organic Gin

In search of a gin with a bigger juniper hit than the Blackwood’s Vintage, I found myself once again in the booze isle is Sainsbury’s. This time I settled, quite quickly I might add, on Juniper Green Organic Gin.

At £11.07 it was almost disturbingly cheap, but I had read a great review of it over at Gin & Crumpets, so I confidently placed it in the trolley.

Juniper Green Gin
Juniper Green Gin

Juniper Green has a very short list of botanicals, including only four in its makeup: juniper (funnily), angelica root, coriander and savoury. It is a London dry gin and is packaged in a no-frills bottle with an understated label.

The juniper is very evident upon opening the bottle and in a glass it is no different; this is a big gin with a strong juniper component. I might have even found a candidate for combination with the Fenimans tonic water.

Sampled neat, it is a fairly smooth gin and while the juniper hit is big, the other flavours are well balanced. I disagree with a lot of reviews in that I didn’t find it a particularly complex gin; it doesn’t have much in the way of citrus or floral highs but it screams herbaceous.

Next up was the gin & tonic. I read an interesting article on Liquor Snob about a study commissioned by Miller’s Gin where 200 mixologists were asked about how they thought the perfect G&T should be made. It turns out that 44 per cent thought that 25% gin and 75% tonic was the right balance.

Taking this to heart I made up a G&T with Juniper Green and Fentimans to these proportions. I left out the lime as, to my mind, Fentimans is already heavily citrusy (is that even a real word?). The juniper of the Juniper Green was in evidence and wasn’t totally overridden by the tonic water, and I suppose it was quite pleasant but the strength of the tonic made it into a different drink – it wasn’t a G&T to my mind. I think I might need to consign the Fentimans to the “never-buy-again” category.

So, I tried another Juniper Green G&T with faithful ol’ Schweppes tonic water (and lime). This was more the ticket; a big, clean, crisp gin and tonic with more subtlety than expected. The tonic seems to drag out some sweeter, floral notes. All-in-all, this was a very satisfying drink.

Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin is a great gin! In many ways I am excited by this find; It is like I have discovered some sort of secret – I have that feeling that you get when you find something with the wrong price-tag on and you end up paying half of what you were expecting. It is a big, bold, well-balanced gin and is fabulously priced. I can see this becoming a common sight in my drinks cabinet.

Update – 18/07/2010

Today I tried the Juniper Green with Fever-Tree tonic and I am in love. This makes for an astounding G&T!


12 thoughts on “Juniper Green Organic Gin”

  1. I saw this on the shelf at our local ASDA and was wondering about its quality. Now having read this – I will give it a go with the FT tonic. So thanks.

  2. I doubt you will be dissapointed. My mother is visiting at the moment and was overjoyed to find that our local supermarket stocked Juniper Green and she promptly bought three bottles.

  3. Your mother is wise. At £11.07 a bottle at Sainsbury’s compared to £13.97 at ASDA or even £20.61 !! at the Ethical Superstore ( – I will purchase a few bottles at once!

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    1. I recommend sitting down, exercising that stiff upper-lip and laughing it off with a large G&T.

      Honestly, I get a lot of spam comments on this blog, but this takes the biscuit. I have had transparent spam, people trying to appeal to my ego and terrible Engrish, but this is the first time I have ever been asked for emergency advice.


  5. Devastated to see the Juniper Green price increase in Sainsbury’s. How can they justify the hike from £11.07 to £15.79? I can’t find it in Tesco anymore and I don’t have an ASDA near me. *sob*

    1. The sad thing is that this is actually about the correct retail price. I have a feeling that Sainsbury’s scored a rather good contract out of Juniper Green that allowed them to sell it significantly cheaper than anyone else, and that this has recently been renegotiated. Either that or Sainsbury’s realised how much everyone else was selling it for.

  6. I am so pleased to have just discovered this wonderfall Organic Gin in my local Sainsbury. I am allergic to just about everything (im not exagerating either)so to find Organic Alchohol! that taste this great is just a dream. I just wanted to add that I paid £16.19 so am shocked to see the older much cheaper prices. I am happy with the price and delighted with the product. I drink it with Soda water, dash of elderflower concentrate, and of course ice, and I must say its absolutly yummy!

    1. That is the rough retail price of the stuff; I have a suspicion that Sainsbury’s struck a very good contract with Juniper Green and that this came to an end or was renegotiated.

  7. On an off chance I spotted this Deleted item on the shelves of a local ASDA. So I bought out the last 4 of their stock at £8 a bottle! Perhaps they are doing this in other ASDAs?

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