Hendrick’s with Fever-Tree Mediterranean

In my earlier review of Hendrick’s gin I commented that I thought that Hendrick’s would go very well with Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic water. After a short trip to Waitrose earlier in the day, I am now restocked with two different varieties of Fever-Tree tonic water.

Mixing up a gin & tonic with Fever-Tree Mediterranean and Hendrick’s gin, I added ice, but no lime – in this case, I just wanted to appreciate the combination of rose and geranium in my favoured drink.

The aroma liberated by the effervescence of tonic water drove off a slightly predictable combination of rose and geranium that was underpinned with quite subtle juniper. The geranium of the tonic was the dominant floral, but the rose was definitely there.

Drinking the floral concoction yielded much of the same; the attack was fresh and complex, but is immediately overtaken by an intense floral body and and lingering floral but astringent finish. Incredibly heady.

This is definitely a G&T but not as we know it. The floral components almost overload the experience – this can be really very good or appalling, depending on how you view the floral aspects of gin. It will probably to too much for some, but it will be a winner for others. I can imagine it being fantastic on a summer’s day with a slice pink grapefruit instead of lime. It is a serious feel-good drink, but not what most look for in gin and tonic.


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  1. Fabulous gin and tonic I think best served with a slice of cucumber and a few pink rose petals!!! Love it especially in a hot country

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