Gin & Tonic Jelly

I have been experimenting with cooking this weekend. It has mostly been driven a copy of Heston Blumenthal at Home that my wife bought for me, but this particular gem was a concoction of my own devising. The book talks about gelling agents a lot and I am going to try the Whisky Gums (and adapt it …

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Cheeky Rose, Cocktail

I stumbled across the Cheeky Rose in a blog post about wedding libations, of all places ( It caught my eye because it was the colour of rose quartz. Once my attention was momentarily drawn by the colour, I was intrigued to see rosé wine as an ingredient. It isn’t every day you see wine as a …

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Salty Dog, Cocktail

Spurred-on by my recent experiences with new gin cocktails at Graphic Bar (and partly by my wife mentioning just how many nearly-finished bottles of gin are on the kitchen side) I have been experimenting with new cocktails. This evening, it is the Salty Dog. As with many cocktails, the exact quantities seem to vary by …

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