Gin Botanical: Coriander Seeds.

Coriander seed is the second most popular gin botanical after juniper. Most gins contain it and only a rare few dare to omit it.

Coriander: facts

Coriander Seed

Coriander Seed

  • There is thought to be a genetic predilection to appreciation of the aroma of coriander.
  • Coriander seed is one of the principle components of generic curry powder.
  • Achieving a wide and varied culinary-use, coriander seeds are used as flavouring in pickling, wheat beers, bread, sausages and, of course, gin.
  • The Spanish word for Coriander is cilantro, and the seeds are called dhania in India.

Coriander: Nose

On the nose, coriander is a fairly mild, warming citrus scent, with woody undertones.

Coriander: Taste

In the mouth, coriander has a warm, gently spicy (almost gingery), woody/nutty, orange flavour. It is quite a distinctive taste and often lends gin a citrus taste, as well as generic ‘spiciness’. It has a warm, slightly biting after-taste.


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