Finsbury London Dry Gin

Finsbury Gin
Finsbury Gin

When I bought my bottle of Oxley gin, I also bought a bottle of Finsbury London Dry Gin – well, it was on offer and it isn’t exactly expensive to start with.

The bottle is almost like a massive hip-flask; shallow from front-to-back and quite wide. With a yellow label slightly reminiscent of a Boddingtons badge (okay – its a slight stretch) it is certainly a bright and cheerful bottle.

It comes with a metal screw-cap and, like many gin bottles, has a nice heavy base.

Finsbury is a gin of mystery; it hasn’t a website and finding a list of botanicals that is more expansive than “secret recipe” is difficult. In fact, finding out anything about this gin, other than its price, is difficult in the extreme.

The aroma of Finsbury gin is fairly true to the London Dry style.

Sampled neat, Finsbury Gin is quite a sweet, juniper-lead gin with coriander shining to the fore. There is a lingering aftertaste that has echoes of play-doh. All-in-all though, it is fairly mediocre.

Mediocrity aside, Finsbury Gin is another story in a gin and tonic. With Fever-Tree tonic water it makes a very clean, fresh and simple gin and tonic. It has a pleasing bite and the juniper is not only at the core of this G&T, it gives it a very study backbone indeed.

This isn’t the best of the low-price-bracket gins, but it is far from the worst.

Image courtesy of Justus Bluemer on Flickr, under the Creative Commons License.


6 thoughts on “Finsbury London Dry Gin”

    1. I did indeed see the Platinum at the Plymouth gin wall and tried it. Didn’t see the 60% though (not to say it wasn’t there).

      I couldn’t work out who it was made by. There were a few references around relating it to the Finsbury distillery, but that is gone as far as I can tell.

      1. I’ve got a bottle of the 60% Finsbury that my parents brought back for me from there holiday somewhere in Eastern Europe I think. I’ve tried the 37.5 % version and it doesn’t compare in flavour to its stronger sibling. But I can’t for the life of me find it for sale anywhere, so I will have to savour the few drops I have left.

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