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  1. Hi

    If you had to choose between Whitley Neill and Martin Miller´s for a G&T wich would you choose? 🙂 Thanks in advance!


  2. Sir,
    I greatly admire your website and turn to it for gin-based advice at all times. I recently returned from a trip to Barcelona which was essentially a tapas fuelled gin tasting session which lasted a week. I enjoyed some extraordinary gin cocktails there, not least one into which the barmaid sprayed a chilli essence through a diffuser- sort of g&t meets crowd control.
    Anyway, I was wondering if you had come across southwest distilleries’ Tarquin’s gin, made here in Cornwall? It’s the only gin I have found which goes well with fentimans, about which I agree with you, in its rather strong taste. There’s another gin being made here called elemental, and it too is worthy of your attention.
    Keep up the good work,

  3. Came across your gin journey purely by chance when a new Waitrose opened nearby and was impressed by the number of bottles I did not recognise(and which you had reviewed). Did a little research and discovered that someone who enjoys a Tanqueray and FeverTree can therefore be trusted to give a balanced opinion. I am forever holding my head in my heads with regards to Tonic (makes up a significant part of a G&T). I love the Fevertree but find Schweppes a little too sweet. What is threatening divorce in our household is Tesco Finest Indian Tonic Water. The Good Wife loves it as a cheaper alternative to the joy of fevertree but for me it is some nasty bitterlemon / citric hybrid which should stay well away from my Gin. Anyway, you must do a “Tonic off” to keep the solicitors away

    1. I have tried the Tesco Finest stuff and I do intend a big-old tonic comparison at some point. To me the Tesco stuff didn’t hold enough gas, leaving the drink a little flatter than it needed to be. You are right about the harsh lemon too, I found it a little too similar to Fentimans for my liking.

  4. Hi Chris,
    I’ve been reading through some of your reviews and it’s enthralling, as your enthusiasm clearly shines through. Can I ask, if you had to nominate three gins for a memorable G&T what would they be, and in what ratios would you mix them with Fever Tree tonic water (my favourite)?

    Thanks again for a great blog.


    1. Always Fever-Tree!
      Three gins?
      Well, the answer to this question will likely be different each time it’s asked, but today it has to be…
      No.3 (the best classic-style gin I’ve come across).
      Monkey 47 (incredibly complex and tasty).
      Death’s Door (simple but very unique with obvious fennel).

      All typically with lime, but Monkey 47 works quite well with red berries of all varieties.

  5. Check out Chase Williams Gins – amazing!
    London Extra Dry and Elegant and Crip are both inspirational!
    Try them!

  6. Hey

    Just wondering if you’ve had a chance to try Bath gin – by the Bath Gin Company. Got hold of a bottle a few weeks ago (I live in Bath), and it’s already finished! As an avid follower of your blog, I’d be very interested to see what you think of it.

    I’m currently switching between Martin Miller and No3 – both excellent gins, as recommended by you.



    1. I haven’t had the pleasure yet, but I will definitely try to find a bottle. As a West-country boy myself, it’s great to see gins being crafted in the South-West.

      I’m glad you like Martin Miller and No.3.

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