Are Blackwood in trouble again?

Blackwood's Gin
Blackwood's Gin - A sinking ship?

The Blackwood brand has been dogged by problems from its inception. Originally set up to build Shetland’s first whisky distillery in 2002, the project faced severe delays and stock theft. In May 2008, Blackwood Distillers went into administration and then in August of the same year, were forced into Liquidation. A new company, Catfirth Ltd, was set up to continue the  whisky distillery project, and is part-funded by a project to mature whisky from mainland Scotland, in Shetland.

The white spirit brands that were produced by Blackwood were handed to Blavod Extreme Spirits in a seven-year licensing deal. This includes the Blackwood’s vintage dry gin I reviewed back in July.

With a rocky and painful start in life, the brand is now facing new issues. The domain that hosts their website ( expired on the 2nd November this year. Currently the site displays a standard Tucows domain-squatting page. The domain appears to be registered to London-based digital agency, Airlock.

Is this a sign of things to come for Blackwood’s? Has Airlock forgotten to re-register the domain after the initial four years? Or is it just an admin error at Blackwood’s?

Whatever the answer, it is bad news for an already beleaguered brand.


6 thoughts on “Are Blackwood in trouble again?”

  1. According to her LinkedIn profile, she left in 2008. This is probably when Blackwood Distillers went into liquidation. I guess she had little to do with Catfirth Ltd.

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