Who am I?

In a brave step away from anonymity, I am Chris Dugdale, or “Dug” for short. I work in digital marketing, which is a little dull, and drink gin, which is a little less dull. This is me on Twitter: @Chris_Dugdale (the work me) and @GinJourney (the gin-drinking me), and this is me on Google+: +Chris Dugdale.

If any gin¬†aficionados out there are on Google+, say hi; I have a gin-buddies circle, but it is a bit empty at the moment. ūüôĀ


How did I discover gin?

Rewind to 2008 and I would have considered myself a real ale man. I liked a good whiskey (note the ‘e’ – I prefer Irish over Scotch) but rarely drank it while out and about, because few places sell anything that I might consider palatable. Real ales can be hard to find in some pubs as well – coupled with the fact that some pub landlords don’t seem to be able to look after the stuff.

Then, at a work Christmas party (2008 I believe), a colleague persuaded me to try a Gin and Tonic. I had tried gin in my teens and thought it an horrendous drink, but being a little inebriated, I thought I would give it a go.

It is a simple origin, but it is a tale that began my love affair with gin. From this, gin has become my staple of my drink of choice, and I don’t much fancy the chances of Malaria surviving in my bloodstream.

Recently I have become a little more adventurous with gin, and have embarked on a journey to experience and learn as much as I can about the world of gin. It is on these dusty pages that I will keep the world updated on my gin-drinking adventures.

The unfortunate down-side of all this, is that gin is not longer a refuge where I can find an enjoyable drink in any pub. I have become a gin snob (and a tonic snob). Oh well, a bad G&T is still better than bad whisky or beer.


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  1. 1 request & 1 suggestion

    Request – Sainsbury’s has an offer on their TTD Blackfriars Gin – 1/3 off down to ¬£10.86. Might you review?

    Suggestion – Why not put the search, categories, blogroll etc. on the home page as well? People can’t tell that this content exists if they arrive on the home page unless they ‘accidently’ press the About link.


    1. Thanks for the heads-up on the special offer. I will see if I can pick a bottle up in the next day or so.

      As far as I know (and I am no expert) the right-hand column (including the search box, blogroll, etc) displays on all pages, including the homepage. My hosting seems to be a little slow and for some reason the column seems to load slower than the rest of the page. Maybe it was just having a bad day?

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. You’re right. It seems to be an Internet Explorer issue (as always!?). My version 8..7600.16385. I tried with Chrome, Safari and Firefox and it works fine with all three. My fault for using IE I suppose.

  3. Hi Dug. Just came across your blog and love the G&T write ups. Would love you to try Sipsmith – I adore it. But I would say that as I make it. It is available in Waitrose but only in Central London and I’m not sure where you’re based. Perhaps I could send you a bottle instead? Cheers

  4. I have been trying to get my hands on a bottle of Sipsmith for a while; I have heard great things about it.

    I am based in Devon but I do get up to London periodically with work. I would have to look up the locations of Waitrose stores as I am not very familiar with much of London beyond the tube map.

    If I could get a bottle delivered to my door, I would be pretty chuffed – I will drop you a mail.

  5. Hi Dug,
    I’m Argyris from Greece. a film maker and recently a bar owner. A gin drinker too.
    As you guess in our bar there is a great Gin list.
    We don’t do any of the common ones.
    monkey 47, greenhalls, bloom, no3, genever, fifty pounds to name just a few.
    what is the perfect g&t you had so far?
    what makes a g&t so special.
    i would love to have your answers.

    1. That is an excellent question and I think it deserves a post unto itself, rather than a comment. I will answer, but in the full detail that the subject deserves.

    1. Life is, indeed, too short for flat tonic water. This is why I buy 200ml bottles of Fever-Tree rather than the big bottles; fresh and fizzy every time.

  6. Hi Dug,
    If you really are the ultimate gin lover then you will want to bathe in it too! Check out our handmade G&T Handmade Organic Soaps, Bath Bombs, Lip Balm, Hand & Body Wash, Lotion, Cream, Candles and Reed diffusers! Our natural toiletries are made with lemongrass, juniper and Sloane’s gin and made on our farm! We love gin too!

    1. I have, although not specifically in your products.

      I have mixed essential oils of common gin botanicals in roughly the correct proportions to make a gin bath oil mix. I’ve also added lemongrass and lime to the mix to make it a little more like a G&T (not sure how to get that quinine tang).

      The gin-mix works really well (and smells like I have dropped a bottle of gin in the bathroom), the G&T mix was less successful. I might have to try your bath bombs though.

  7. Hi Dug

    I’m loving you website and your enthusiasm for Gin!

    Have you tried Xoriguer Mahon Gin?? I would love to know what you think about it and if you haven’t tried the please give it a go and let me know.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Liane ( a fellow gin lover!)

  8. I have really enjoyed reading your reviews and was pleased that Tanqueray Export strength got such a good review for G&t as it is my own favourite. I am currently experimenting with Aldi’s Oliver Cromwell (which is remarkably cheap at ¬£9.65) and Jniper Green Organic and should like to see you review these gins also. I note that you generally use Fever Tree for your G&T. Is that because you prefer it over all other tonic water or because you want consistency in your taste tests?

  9. Hello Dug. I have enjoyed your website. I was also into Real Ale, and tired of the appalling way it is served in most pubs. Now I live in China. Proper beer is very rarely an option, and good imported wine is horribly expensive, so I have been getting into Gin.

    I have skimmed most of your reviews, and am in close agreement with the ones about gins I have tasted. I used to adore Bombay Sapphire but now find it rather bland. I didn’t get anywhere with Plymouth Gin which just did nothing for me. Tanqueray rarely disappoints.

    What I have noticed is that my views on many gins change day-to-day. It may be my mood or the strength, perhaps, since I do not pour consistently. One day I have Tanqueray No 10 and decide there is nothing better. The next day I have some more, and it doesn’t seem as good, so I have a Hendricks, and now that seems the be all and end all of gin, whereas the previous day it seemed so-so.

    I have just come back from Japan and bought a few goodies from a remarkable off-licence called Tanakaya (near Majiro Station if any readers are going there; it is probably one of the best off licences in the world, I would think). They had numerous gins (alongside everything else including many hundreds of craft beers) and, contrary to the received wisdom about Japan, alcohol seems incredibly cheap. Ordinary Tanqueray and Bombay etc (700 ml) were around ¬£10, and Blackwood’s 60 %, ¬£15 as I recall. The Kingsbury offerings were in the ¬£17-¬£20 range. It’s a shame I could only carry a few bottles…

    Anyway, I am rambling! All the best as I continue my own gin journey, which has only really just begun. I am anticipating good things ahead.

    1. My favourite gin changes with the wind and every time someone asks me about my “top 3”, I give a different answer (although N0.3 is a fairly consistent feature).

      That sounds like an excellent off-license. I’ve always wanted to visit Japan…

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