Ten random questions about gin.

I love digging through analytics; apart from being interesting to see which posts are attracting the most attention, it can give a real insight into what people are looking for when they land on a site.

Here are ten questions that people typed into Google in the last 30 days. These people ended up here on Gin Journey and their query went unanswered. I doubt they will be back, and the queries are so specific, I doubt the information will really be of much use to many others, but here are some retroactive answers…


From where can I buy Rangpur gin?

Tanqueray Rangpur can be bought in a host of online shops (such as The Drinks Finder and The Whisky Exchange), but if you want a bricks-and-mortar shop, then Waitrose is your best bet.


How many units are there in a bottle of Tanqueray?

Using the Cleave Books alcohol content calculator, the unit content for a bottle (70cl) each variety of Tanqueray gin is as follows…


How to get a distiller’s license?

This is far from easy (as the guys over at Sipsmith will likely tell you). However, this page on the HM Revenue and Customs site has a pretty comprehensive guide.


How to make gin and tonic with mint?

You read my post on gin & tonic with mint. Simple.


What is in Juniper Green gin?

Juniper Green Gin has surprisingly few botanicals for a gin of its quality; they are…

  • Juniper
  • Coriander
  • Angelica
  • Savory


Where can I buy Blackwood’s gin?

As with Tanqueray Rangpur, Blackwood’s gin can be found in a host on online booze shops, but if you want to avoid postage costs, then Sainsbury’s sell it at a very reasonable price.


Where can I find Oliver Cromwell 1599 gin in New Jersey?

Unfortunately, you might not be able to. Oliver Cromwell 1599 is a gin produced exclusively for Aldi stores. Aldi are in the USA and the locations of stores in New Jersey can be found here. However, Aldi’s US website only lists beer and wine. It is probably best to pop in to a store and have a look to be sure though.


Where is Gordon’s gin produced?

In the UK, Gordon’s Gin is produced in Scotland, but this has only been the case since 1998. Here is a brief timeline of locations…

1769: Gordon’s gin starts production in the Southwark area of London.

1786: Production moves to Goswell Rd in Clerkenwell, London.

1984: Production moves to Laindon, Basildon in Essex.

1998: Production moves to  the Cameron Bridge Distillery in Windygates, Fife.

There are also a series of distilleries across the globe that produce Gordon’s Gin for international distribution. Exact figures are hard to come by, but in 1966, the 13th plant producing Gordon’s gin (the Plainfield Distillery in Illinois, US) opened; how many of these have since closed and how many more have opened, I don’t know.


Why can’t you buy litre bottles of gin?

You can my friend, you can.

A quick Google search shows a plethora of brands selling their junipery offering in 1 litre bottles. Of course, I am in the UK and the person posing this question may not be; I am unaware of specific laws in other countries banning the sale of gin in 1 litre quantities.


Why is Bombay Sapphire not a gin?

It is.

Some people don’t consider Bombay Sapphire to be a real gin. The definition of gin is a spirit which derives its dominant flavour from juniper berries; Some people hold the view that, in Bombay Sapphire, the juniper is not dominant enough and this has lead to a pseudo-category of spirit dubbed “vodka-gin” where low-juniper gins reside.

I can see the reasoning; at what point does a vodka flavoured with juniper become a gin? Flavour dominance is a very subjective thing and having clear definitions is not going to be possible.

Personally, I class “vodka-gins” as a category of gin; so, in my opinion, Bombay Sapphire is a gin.


So, there you have it; not the most interesting post in the world, but one that both entertained me and expanded my own knowledge in a few areas.


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