Win a year’s supply of gin

Lots of Gin

Lots of lovely gin

The fabulous people over at Gintime are running a prize draw to win a year’s supply of gin. All you need do is give them a name and an email address; you can enter here.

Now, 12 bottles being a year’s supply is a little subjective; I would call it about a six month supply, but 12 bottles of free gin shouldn’t be dismissed on a technicality – it’s free gin!

I thought long and hard about whether to share this news, because as more people enter, my chances of winning decrease. Then I thought that even if my handful of readers all enter, the odds won’t change that much.

Good luck.


One thought on “Win a year’s supply of gin

  • April 19, 2015 at 7:07 am

    I’m a relatively new gin seeker and have enjoyed very few new ones up to press, so I’m giving this a go to appreciate tasting notes across the 12 bottles.


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