Gin in Camden

Made in Camden and Sacred Gin present a brand new gin-tasting experience, Gin in Camden, on Friday 5 August.

Sacred Gin

Sacred Gin

This is exciting stuff, and given that I am missing the Juniper Society event on Oxley Gin this very evening, I might have to make the long and arduous trip to London for this.

Sacred Gin is one of two (to my knowledge) cold-distilled gins. This is achieved by distilling under reduced pressure, thereby reducing the boiling points of the liquids involved. I can’t find out much about the exact temperatures used, but Oxley is distilled at -5oc. This does all sorts of wonderful things to the flavours, but the short of it is that the flavours keep their freshness and stay as we expect them from fresh botanicals. This purports to give Sacred Gin a very clear, crisp, fresh flavour that is practically unmatched in the gin world for clarity and smoothness.

The different botanicals are also distilled separately and then blended to make the finished product; this means that each botanical is available as a separate spirit. On Friday 5 August, after sampling Sacred Gin, you will will have the opportunity to taste, identify and discuss individual components. You then get to make up your own gin, finishing the evening off with a G&T or a martini using your very own gin hand-mixed to your own recipe!

If this doesn’t excite you, then why are you reading this blog?

As for the venue, Made in Camden is attached to the Roundhouse Theatre; here is a little blurb…

Made in Camden is a neighbourhood restaurant, created with locals as much as audiences in mind and heavily steeped in local talent. Head Chef Josh Katz and Designer Michael Sodeau grew up in the area, while the bar is the only stockist of all of Camden Town Brewery’s beers. Situated at the front of the Roundhouse but with its own dedicated entrance, Made in Camden’s menu and drinks list has been devised to match the diversity and high quality of the work that appears on the stage next door. Head Chef Josh Katz has created a menu which echoes his prior experience at Ottolenghi, but treads its own distinctive path. Bountiful brunches, gorgeous cakes and tempting snacks supplement a vibrant lunch menu while dinner revolves around delectable and satisfying tasting plates. All profits from this neighbourhood restaurant are put back into The Roundhouse Trust, supporting its artistic activities and work with 11-25s.

I am going to see what I can do about being there. It sounds like a perfect night of education into the science of gin.

You can book here:


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